Another China manufacture wave arose due to the outstanding image of Newamstar machineries in Ecuador

Ecuador, officially the Republic of Ecuador, is a member country of the Union of South American Nations. Ecuador straddles the equator, from which it takes its name. Therefore, it has a special name as “the country of the equator”. And because it is a leading producer of bananas, it is also known as the “country of bananas”.

Ecuador is bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south, and Atlantic Ocean to the west. The eastern coastal areas are plain terrain, and the altitude is relatively high in the middle of the country. Capital city Quito is located on the eastern slopes of Pichincha Volcano, and its elevation is 2,850 meters which makes it the second highest administrative capital city in the world.

Governed by several presidents, Ecuador has been enjoying a political stability and economic growth for years. Ever since 2000, the annual GDP growth is about 4.8%, which stimulated public spending and the fast growth in food and beverage industry. Figures showed that among all household expenditures, food and alcohol-free beverages had the largest proportions, within which 54% of the customers prefer low calorie and natural products.

Changes in living style, the population growth, as well as the economic development altogether had stimulations on beverage manufacturers increasing productivity, in order to meet new challenges in customer demand. By means of applying new technologies, increasing product quality, investing in new equipment, and improving productivity, it all meant to increase overall competitiveness for a company. Large beverage manufacturers already have relatively high level of production automation, but in most SMEs, traditional ways of production are still being applied, lacking technical innovation, which has become the biggest obstacle for their developments.

Newamstar has been keeping eyes on the South American market for a long time. The South American countries are developing countries with great number of population and fast growing beverage industry, which makes it one of the potential attractive markets for beverage packaging machinery. However, the lagging light industry in local countries was the main reason for the dependence on imported equipment. Newamstar started to touch base with Ecuador in 2009, but before that, there were barely customers from Ecuador looking into Chinese machineries, mainly because of the overall non-good image of Chinese machineries ingrained in mind. On the other hand, they are as a matter of fact used to European machineries, but the extremely high price and high maintenance fee has become an issue. Time proves. As the result of development of Chinese manufacturing industry, Chinese products gradually positioned on the global market and have attracted more overseas customers.

In April 2009, CBC Company representative Mr. Vintimilla visited Newamstar and decided to purchase two automatic bottled water production lines, in order to update their production technology and higher automation standard. CBC Company is a well-known company in Ecuador with 6 sub brands such as Pure Water, Manzana, Full Cola, etc. After the visit to Newamstar R&D center and production plant, Mr. Vintimilla had a good overview of Newamstar in terms of its business scale and expertise. Especially the intelligentized high-efficient and low energy consuming packaging machineries was a main attract to Mr. Vintimilla. After confirming all the technical and business details, contract was signed by both parties right afterwards. Considering Ecuador is mainly plateau geographically, and the long distance between Ecuador and China, we set high standard and requirements during production to ensure the long-term stability of the machines. Afterwards, we also dispatched experienced technicians to Ecuador for finishing installation and commissioning within limited time frame. During the period, we built a profound friendship with each other. The installation and commissioning went smoothly, and was appreciated by the client. More than two years have passed, and the machine is still working stably well. In May 2011, CBC Company chose to purchase another Newamstar product with total confidence, two automatic filling lines for 5 gallon bottle. And up till now, both lines have been successfully put into production.

Good performance of Newamstar machines in Ecuador soon attracted other local manufacturers. Fruit Company was one of them. Main products of Fruit are CSDs, and Fruit has a large market share in the local market. Before, Fruit had already heard of Newamstar and its leading position in China beverage packaging machinery industry. And after knowing the good performance of Newamstar machines in Ecuador, Fruit signed an automatic 5 gallon water filling line with Newamstar in June 2010, and in 2 months, signed another automatic CSD filling line. Based on a frank cooperation between two parties, two lines purchased by Fruit have been through installation and commissioning quite smoothly, and have already been put into production. Although Fruit has many production lines imported from Europe, it’s been years by now and the machines all look very old. Newamstar machines, however, with a brand new look and outstanding working condition, have already become the production driver of Fruit Company.

Another China manufacture wave arose due to the outstanding image of Newamstar machineries in Ecuador. Ecopacific was one of the ambitious companies who participated in the investigation. Ecopacific specialized in producing fresh fruit juice and coconut water, using semi-automatic filling machines for a long history. Due to the products containing natural nutrition and with unique flavors, they are very popular among customers, and the existed production lines can no longer meet the market demand anymore. In order to enlarge production to meet increasing customer demand, Ecopacific decided to purchase fully automatic production lines. Based on a thorough consideration, they turned to Chinese suppliers. With no doubts, Newamstar, being the expert and pioneer in beverage packaging machinery in China, became their first choice. Ecopacific signed one fully automatic hot filling line with Newamstar.

Newamstar machinery can reach beyond distance and heights. No matter how long it takes to our customers, we treat all of our customers equally wholeheartedly with great services. We truly believe that in the near future, with Newamstar’s support, beverage market in Ecuador will continue to grow steadily and rapidly, contributing to the local economic growth.

About Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

China high-end liquid(beverage) packaging machinery R&D and manufacturing base, is committed to build smart factories with turnkey solutions for liquid(beverage) companies.

Since its founding, Newamstar, under the concept of “Driving development through innovation and winning the market with quality”, has been providing global customers in the five fields of beverages, dairy , liquors, condiments and daily chemicals with complete sets of intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions for water treatment, pre-distribution, blowing, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, intelligent stereo warehouses, etc., realizing the dream of “Made in China, Made for World”. From the support of formulation process, the three-dimensional design of product bottle to the overall engineering layout of users’ factory, from the R&D and design of core equipment, the installation and commissioning of engineering project, to the multi-dimensional training of operators, it has served Coke, Danone, Nestle, Otsuka, Wahaha, Dali, C’estbon, Ganten, Nongfu Spring, COFCO, Haday, Luhua, Hengshun, Nice and other famous brands at home and abroad. It has more than 2,200 production lines in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

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Adhering to the corporate mission of “Helping customers build an ideal factory,” Newamstar builds a service that “Surpasses customer expectations and exceeds industry standards” with quick response, professional technology, and considerate service attitude, and creates value for customers wholeheartedly.

With high-quality equipment, perfect service, and strong turn-key service capabilities, Newamstar helps customers achieve a high-efficiency operation of equipment and technical innovation and upgrade to join hands with customers for a win-win situation.

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